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Moon Stones Collection is a graphic adventure and Role-Playing Game on the WAX blockchain, currently in Alpha stage.

Total number of owner accounts


About the game

Perform jobs


Join adventures

Stake stones, equipments and companions


Rule your lands


Main characters: 1005 unique 1/1 NFTs with 5 different rarities: Common, Rare, Legendary, Mythical and Hero. They have better stats, access to all equipments, jobs, land ruling and crafting.

Generic characters: minted in higher numbers, they have 4 ability levels: Ordinary, Talented, Master and Elite.

Promo characters: distributed through giveaways on socials, they have access to promo equipment and companions only.

Equips and companions

Power up your characters using equipments and companions! You will have access to:

Weapons: Swords, Battle Axe, Maces, Bows etc.

Protections: Armors, Shields etc.

Companions: Squire, Animals (magic and not), Familiars etc.

And much more, such as magic items, tools to perform jobs, potions...


Sale of the remaining 1/1 Main Characters

Sales of Secondary Characters

Sales of Equipments and Companions

First closed Alpha with the fight system (team and small user-base involved)

Eventual bug fixing from the Alpha test

Release of the Fight system to the Bronze Sticker holders

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Jobs system

Tools sale

Token listing and bank system

Full release of Alpha stage to the public

Crafting and breeding

Adventures and other activities

Lands Sale

Land management system

Q2 2022